By Bob Lundberg
Carolina District Winter Convention
Charlotte, North Carolina
January 30, 1998


"The selection of a sprayer is based on the job to be accomplished."

Each component must be picked for the task to be accomplished.

Types of sprayers found in the rosarian's garden shed:

To insure equipment longevity, all spraying equipment must be cleaned and allowed to dry after each use.

Drift is defined as the portion of the chemical being sprayed that misses its target area.

Drift is a function of droplet size. Droplet size is a function of the dispensing system and the pumping system.

Smaller droplets give better coverage of foliage.



I. Early 1950's

   A. L.B.Coddington Co., Murray Hill, New Jersey
   B. Bean Sprayer, 500 gallon wooden tank, piston pump, electric motor, nozzle with a conical spray, 250 foot beds,
        2 hook-ups per walk, hose about 75 feet long, boots, raincoat, rain hat.
   C. 1000 plants per bench, 20 benches per greenhouse

II. Late 1950's

   A. Wooden tank replaced with a steel tank.

III. Early 1970's

   A. Sears galvanized compression sprayer
   B. 35 Plants.

IV. Late 1970's

   A. Atomist Sprayer
   B. 50-60 Plants

V. Early 1990's

   A. Mantis Sprayer
   B. 250 Plants

VI. 1997

   A. Mighty Mac Sprayer
   B. 400 Plants



I. Compression Sprayers

   A.   Polypropylene
   B.   1/2 -- 3 gal
   C.   Price variation
   D.   Funnel Top
   E.   Hose Charged
   F.   Pressure Relief
   G.  Carrying Strap
   H.  Cone Nozzle (adjustable)
   I.   Brass or poly wand and valve
   J.   Removable supply tube
   K.  Cleaning and maintaining
          1. Use all spray material
          2. Fill half way with water and some detergent, shake, and spray out
          3. Rinse with clear water
          4. Removable supply tube
          5. Dry
          6. Petroleum jelly on Plunger
   L.   Do not use herbicides and other spray material in same equipment
   M.  Manufacturers
          1. H.D. Hudson
              a. Endorsed by ARS
              b. Broad range of size and price
          2. RL Flowmaster
              a. Walmart, K-Mart, Home Depot, Western Auto
          3. Gilmore
              a. Spray Doc

II. Back Pack Sprayers

   A. Three gallons
   B. Manufacturers
          1. Solo
          2. Lesco
          3. Berthoud - 5gal
          4. Hudson - 4 gal

III. Atomist

   A. Historically leak
   B. Need 100 volts
   C. Very fine mist good coverage
   D. Lots of drift
   E. Economical use of chemical
   F. Root Lowell Manufacturing Co.
   G. Good parts availability

IV. 12 volt sprayers

   A. Mantis Spray Mate
          1. 12 gallons - polypropylene
          2. 2 large wheels
          3. Flojet pump - demand - 50psig - 2.2gpm
          4. Adjustable nozzle
          5. 4-5 tanks per charge
          6. Filter
   B. Spot Shot
          1. 6 gallons
          2. 10x2.75 semi pneumatic tires
          3. Shurflo pump - demand - 85 psig
          4. Adjustable nozzle and flat nozzle - Gunjet Spray gun
   C. Spray Boss
          1. Three (3) wheels
          2. Shurflo pump - demand - 65 psig
          3. Drain in tank
          4. 4 to 5 hours
   D. Peco
          1. 5 gal
          2. Two (2) wheels
          3. Brass and Aluminum pump
          4. Brass wand and 8' hose
   E. Broyhill
          1. Shurflow pump
   D. Dobbins

V. Power Sprayers

   A. Might Mac
          1. 22 gallon tank
          2. Four (4) pneumatic tires
          3. Hypro Pump
              a. model 5330C-HX
              b. 3 gpm @ 500 psig
          4. 3.5 hp B&S engine
          5. PW4000A Gunjet Spray Gun
          6. 5780 adjustable Conejet nozzle
          7. May be hand or tractor drawn
   B. Supply Manufacturing Co. (see Dennis Bridges)
          1. 30 gallon tank
          2. Hypro Piston Pump
              a. 3 gpm @ 300 psig
          3. 2.5 hp Honda engine
          4. Green Garde nozzle (mist to stream)
          5. 50 ft of hose
   C. Chemical Container Corp. (see Satish Prabhu)
          1. 50 gallon tank
          2. Green Garde JD9C trigger gun
          3. Hypro D-19 Diaphragm pump
          4. 4 hp Honda engin

VI. Internet Addresses of Sprayer Companies

The Gilmour Group (Division of Vermont American Corp.)

RL Flowmaster (Root-Lowell Manufacturing Co.)

Flojet Corporation

   D. H.D. Hudson Manufacturing Co.

   E. Spraying Systems Co.

   F. SHURflo

   G. Broyhill FieldMaster

   H. Wicor Co. - a holding company that owns Hypro Corp. and Shurflo