Shopping on Line -- New Product Reviews
By Frances G. Ballentine
(From The Charleston Rose, March/April 2000)

Shopping on line for rose products is just as much fun as shopping for other items on line! It offers convenience, a good selection of products not found in local stores, and a chance to do some comparison shopping. It can also be an educational, and it costs nothing if you have access to the Internet.

CLRS members have a number of good sources for rose supplies -- Cross Seed Company on St. Andrews Blvd. carries most of the products needed, and also offers a 10% discount on rose products to CLRS members. (Just tell the cashier you are a member of CLRS and you will get the discount.)

The Abide-A-While Garden Center on 17A in Mt. Pleasant carries a good line of Weeks and J & P roses. They are potted up, well cared for, and the salespeople are helpful.

The American Rose Magazine's Classified Advertising section and vendor ads provide a wealth of information on what's available and where.

Several new rose-related websites have been launched recently. Besides selling products, they provide a wealth of information on rose care, new products, and services. Two of these are featured here.

Muncy's Rose Emporium
Muncy's is located in Sarasota, Florida, Tel: 941-377-6156. E-Mail: Website:

Muncy's sells some of the newer and hard-to-find products for small gardens: Banner Maxx, 1 pint-$59.95; Dithane M45, 2 pounds-$13.28; Sequestrene 330 Fe iron, 5 lbs.-$27.00; Indicate 5, gallon-$32.00 etc. They will soon be selling fortuniana roses.

Their website is fun to peruse, with bumble bees flickering at each category presented. Click on one and you will discover information on: Chemicals, Fertilizers, Tools, Propagation, Miscellaneous Small Products, Watering Equipment, and Roses. The information for each product gives background, usage, size, as well as price. This gives the rosarian a chance to see what's out there to buy and how much it costs.
Robbie Tucker of Nashville, Tennessee created a new website about two months ago, and it continues to grow at a rapid pace. This website is outstanding not only for its products line but also for the information which it offers to the viewer.

The site has these components: Rose Products, Rose Forum, For Beginners, Great Roses, and "in the Know".

The rose products catalog has grown to 75 products which include chemicals, Nitril disposable gloves, dual cartridge respirators, goggles, and goat skin gloves.

Examples of the product line: Banner Maxx, pint- $59.95; Avid, 8 oz.-$75.00; Merit, 2 oz.-$52.99; Indicate 5, gallon-$34.95. Shipping is free to the lower 48 states.

The Rose Forum is an area where the rosarian may ask questions and receive replies from one of Nashville's CRs, Logan Shillinglaw. There is also a Chat Room.

Great Roses lists the top 25 exhibition roses in the country, with information from the Rose Exhibitors' Forum, edited by Bob Martin.

"In the Know" is outstanding. Tommy Hebert of the Golden Triangle Rose Society has published a comprehensive review of several new fungicides on the market, including Compass, a turf grass fungicide also labeled for ornamentals. Novartis claims that it is a "mesostemic" fungicide, that over 90% of the fungicide remains on the plant surfaces after 21 days. A "must read" article for serious rosarians.

"An Insecticide of Merit" by Robert B. Martin, Jr. reports on his own and Bill Blank's experience with this new insecticide, Merit. They like this product. Another "must read" article for serious rosarians-just download from the new website, Rosemania!