General Rose Culture

General information about growing roses.

General Rose Culture Information

 Consultations on Rose Culture compiled by Frances Ballentine at the ARS National Convention in Charlotte, October 1, 1998

 General Rose Culture Information Compiled from the 1997 annual reports of the Carolina District Consulting Rosarians

 How Much Water Does a Rose Need for Good Health? by Dr. Tommy Cairns. The title says it all.

 It Is a Process by Dr. Satish Prabhu. Growing award-winning roses is more than just using a magic fertilizer, but involves a continuously evolving process of steps and task.

 What We Learned in '99 presented by Pat Henry at the Charleston District Meeting, compiled by Martha Nichols. Look at the single, semi-double, and old hybrid tea roses as alternatives to the higher maintenance, modern hybrid teas; growing roses in pots; and, spraying methodology.

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