Fragrant Roses for the Lowcountry
By Frances G. Ballentine

(From The Charleston Rose, August/September 1999)

"Which very fragrant roses (hybrid teas and floribundas) grow well in the Charleston area?" The question came in recently via the online Consulting Rosarians' program. What a good question! Our Consulting Rosarians who grow a variety of hybrid teas and floribundas were asked for recommendations. The roses selected were rated 7.5 or higher in the 1999 Handbook for Selecting Roses.

Other fragrant hybrid teas and floribundas include:

HTs: Ain't She Sweet (7. 0), Dolly Parton (7.3), Miss All-American Beauty (7.4), Tiffany (7.3), Perfume Delight (7. 1) Fs: Sheila's Perfume (8.3).

Nominations for other fragrant, easy to grow hybrid teas and floribundas are welcomed. Send to the editor or e-mail: