Tips and tricks on what roses like to eat and drink.

Fertilizing Roses

 Breakfast of Champions: A Fertilization Program for Prize-Winning Roses by Jack Wright

 Compost, A Rosarian's Best Friend by Gloria Hartis Alexander. Describes the benefits of compost and how to make it.

 Consultations on Rose Culture compiled by Frances Ballentine at the ARS National Convention in Charlotte, October 1, 1998

 Feeding Your Roses: Can You Believe What You Read? by Vernon Rickard Vernon details his successful fertilization program.

 Fertilization Program by Lonnie Johnson. Lonnie tells us his secrets on how he grows his large roses.

 Fertilization Program by Jack Wright

 Lime by Jimmy Speas. Lime is a primary ingredient for improving the soil environment and promoting plant growth.

 Liquid Fertilizer by Jimmy Speas. The use of "home-made" and "store-bought" liquid fertilizers.

 Methods of Fertilizing: Do What's Easiest for the Job at Hand by Kitty Belendez. Kitty looks at different ways of fertilizing roses and discusses the pros and cons of each: buckets, siphons, submersible pump, hose-end sprayers, pump sprayers, time-released fertilizers, and hand application of organics.

 Winning Fertilization Program by Fred and Marlon Wright

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