By Haydee Adams

(From The Winston-Salem Rose Society Clippings, March 2000)

Let me share with you a little secret from my journal. Do not ask me why I selected 'Fame' to write about. If you do not have it in your rose garden, you are missing out on something very special. Since 1997 when 'Fame' was brought into the world of roses, she has been exquisite. Not only her beauty, form, and color, but also her candor. She shows nothing more than herself. She is beautiful! She smiles pretty every day; in the morning she is soft and pleasant; at noontime she is strong, even arrogant, to show that she can take the heat of summer and the wind in the fall. Embracing brothers and sisters support each other with firm steps of assurance that everything will be okay and with gratefulness to go with the breeze and face the glorious sunset.

During the spring she sings loud and clear, "here I am with you, keeping you company for the big spring show- off; you take good care of me." 'Fame' promises you a reward: you will smile at the head table in May. Your garden will have a rose every day and in every season, a 'Fame' to share; it will be a daily celebration, morning and evening! I do not want to overpower my friends. I just want to let you know, my good gardener, how thankful I am for the care and attention given to me. When I came to you, you did the best for me. You loved me. You mulched me, pruned me and quenched my thirst. You showed me kindness and did not let me get the black spots that weaken me. Your spray was steady and efficient. I was always happy when you were around. You spoiled me - no, not really; you did what was good for every one of us. I felt that you were happy when we responded well to your care.

'Fame' thrives with your attention and care. Come and talk to her, tell her how pretty she is. She will keep you smiling and satisfied. 'Fame' is a rose for all seasons. But she is particularly happy in the fall. Just make a simple display in a white vase to bring to your room and you will be in total ecstasy. It is 'Fame', that discreet rose that will conquer your heart forever. 'Fame' is also elegant when dying. She lasts pretty for several days. You are happy because she makes your garden like paradise, full of joy and beauty. Suddenly she starts closing her petals and fades away with the wind and the moon. It is 'Fame' that lingers even in this space. It is 'Fame' which makes you famous with its abundant grace and color that makes your eyes question: is it real? Yes, it is. It is 'Fame'. Love it. That strong fuchsia color and the wave of her petals makes her excited and vivid any time of the day and at any season of the year. During the dormant period, she keeps vigorous and in control. The shape of the bush is well rounded, full of canes that promise another year of abundant beauty.

Haydee Adams