Exhibiting Roses

Information on preparing roses for exhibition, exhibiting roses, and preserving rose blooms.

Exhibiting Roses

  The Art of Grooming by Dr. Satish Prabhu. Not an article on personal hygiene, but advice on grooming roses for rose shows.

  Exhibiting from the Eyes of a Novice by Pam Schill. What is it that drives people to put little dresses on their blossoms to protect them from the elements? After winning her first blue ribbon and making it to the Head Table, this novice exhibitor is now wondering where she can get the little dresses.

 An Exhibitor's Challenge by Doug Whitt. Doug's battle with the forces of Nature in growing exhibition roses.

 Fred's Formula (for Keeping Roses) by Fred Bettin. Fred's recipe for a floral preservative.

 Horticultural Excellence by Dr. Satish Prabhu. Definition of how horticultural excellence is used in rose shows.

 How We Won the National Moore by Dr. Satish Prabhu. Satish describes how he and Vijaya won the Ralph S. Moore National Award for an entry of "nine miniature roses, each a different variety, exhibited in separate containers" at the national show in Charlotte in 1998.

 Let's Try Exhibiting -- It's an Adventure by John Godwin. In his continuing series of Rose Growing 101 for the novice grower, John defines what a winning rose is in a show.

  The Long and Short of It by Dr. Satish Prabhu.Should long stemmed roses be disqualified from rose shows?

  Mini's 'n' Stuff (Exhibiting) by The Texian (Pat Patterson)

 Preparing to Show Old Garden Roses by Frances G. Ballentine. Helpful hints on preparing old garden roses for a rose show.

Keeping Cut Roses Fresh by A.C. McGraw. Recipe for a floral preservative.

 Refrigerating Roses: A Panel Discussion Some leading Carolina District exhibitors discuss how they refrigerate roses before rose shows.

 Spicer's Steps to Good Exhibiting by Cindy Spicer. Basic rules for good exhibiting at rose shows.

 Tips for the Exhibitor by Doug Whitt. How to prepare for rose shows.

 The Ultimate Award by Paul Blankenship. Paul describes how he and Charlotte won the won the Ralph S. Moore Carolina District Award for an entry of "nine miniature roses, each a different variety, exhibited in separate containers" at the district show in 1998.

 A Watchful Eye Can Make a Winner by Sandy Lundberg. Hard work and a watchful eye lead to winners at rose shows.

 "Why Am I Growing Roses?" by Mike Denson. Mike Denson has not only caught rose fever in the one year he has been growing roses, but has also developed an advanced case of exhibitor's syndrome. He explains his addictions and offers advice to other novices.

 Winning National Challenge Classes by John Hefner

 "Would You Like to Grow Better Roses?" by John Godwin. John recounts his own entry into exhibiting and presents the case for refining rose growing skills through exhibiting and interacting with people who exhibit roses.

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