Recommendations on equipment in the growing of roses.


 Methods of Fertilizing: Do What's Easiest for the Job at Hand by Kitty Belendez. Kitty looks at different ways of fertilizing roses and discusses the pros and cons of each: buckets, siphons, submersible pump, hose-end sprayers, pump sprayers, time-released fertilizers, and hand application of organics.

  Shopping on Line -- New Product Reviews by Frances Ballentine. Online shopping sites that Frances reviews include Muncy's Rose Emporium and

 Sprayers by Bob Lundberg

  Things I Understand, and Some That I Don't by Frances Ballentine. After checking the sizes of tablespoons at the Ballentine residence, Frances wonders if some of her disease problems in the rose garden this eyar were attributable to the variance in the measuring spoons she was using to measure her sprays.

 When Is a Tablespoon Not a Tablespoon? This article points out that there are standards for tablespoon sizes, but they are unenforced and tablespoons come in all sizes.

 Which Sprayer is Right for You? by Nita Bowen

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