By John Hefner
Top Gun Club Meeting, Nov. 7, 1998


Hints for Winning National Challenge Classes:

1. Use quality blooms, with good stems and foliage.

2. Make sure the blooms are clean and fresh.

3. Use a pleasing blend of colors -- class should look at one.

4. Grow multiple plants of best exhibition varieties (he has 15 Uncle Joes, 7 Crystallines, etc.)


Requirements for Success:

1. Good form with defined center. (National shows tend to require tighter blooms). He likes to show 3/4 open in most shows. Use reliable varieties that hold their form.

2. Uniformity of size and form. Judges tend to like large blooms.

3. Color blending. Separate clashing colors.

4. How you stage the exhibit is important. Various layouts possible. Put poorest blooms to rear.



1. You have to exhibit what you have.

2. You have to judge your own roses.

3. Examine the competition and the quality and varieties they have.

4. Be flexible.

5. Cycle of blooms are fun. Select the exhibition bloom first, then the fully open bloom, and then the bud.

6. For English boxes, use matched pairs of roses, close in form and size. Put biggest blooms in back.


Question: What challenge class is the hardest to win? The Earl of Warwick Urn because it is difficult to have six top exhibition quality blooms from six AARS winners.

Question: What challenge class is the easiest to win? None are easy to win, but the Pacific Trophy requires only three top quality blooms.